Nationwide Courier Company 

Starting out as a family business, JK Courier Services throughout the years has become a well-respected nationwide courier company working hard to deliver your parcels safe, secure, and on-time. 
With over 20 years in the courier industry, our team of professionals have lots of expertise in multi-drop and same day deliveries. 
You can be confident that your delivery will reach its destination safe & fast. 
Why JK Courier Services? 
Prompt and Personable – We are prompt and punctual. We understand the high value of our parcels, and we make sure to go the extra mile. 
Safe and Secure – With JK Courier Services, we treat all parcels as if they were our own – safe, sealed and secured. 
Professional and Flexible – Our delivery professionals are trained, skilled, and qualified in courier services. The experience of our proficient team gives JK Couriers a sense of reliability that you know you can count on. If there are problems along the way, you can trust us to handle them promptly & professionally. 
Cost Effective – Our costs are competitive. JK Courier Services will always fulfill your necessary deliveries and offer you the best value possible. 
What Type of Items Can We Deliver? 
JK Courier Services can carry any items or documents for multi-drop or same day deliveries. You can be 100% assured that your parcel will be immediately accepted for dispatch, if they are following our parcel guidelines, and that the items are not restricted goods nor prohibited. 
Prohibited goods are illegal in their nature, and restricted goods are items that require certain documentation before having a green signal for dispatch. To ensure that there are no delays, goods that are restricted must be checked and cleared ahead of time. 

 Covid-19 Policy 

We make sure that our delivery staff and shipping professionals follow strict coronavirus protocols, with proper health implementation and precautions. 

For booking estimates and quotations Email or call JK Courier Services at 0333 577 2955 


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